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Rakta Fire Hot 26 Series

A set series of 26 postures performed in a specific order to strengthen, rehabilitate and open the body.  The series consists of strengthening, lengthening and balancing postures as well as two breathing exercises.  The room is heated to 102-104 F with 40% humidity to warm the body and increase flexibility.

Bring a towel, water and mat.  60 or 75 minute class is appropriate for all levels. 


Rakta Hot Detox Flow: Center and Ground

This class is heated to 100 degrees.  It will consist of a detoxifying flow with lots of twists.  A series of postures specifically for centering and grounding will be incorporated.  You will be ready for your week!


Rakta Your Core Strength and Flow

Rakta Strength Core and Flow is blend of barre, pilates, weights, wall based strength and functional movement along with yoga flow and stretching . The format of this class is ever changing to avoid fitness plateau. Strength training increases bone density, we will use complex movements to challenge balance and boost metabolism.  This is a great class for anyone intimidated by sculpt, but wants some strength work.  This is an all levels class and the room will be warm.  Please sign up ahead of time for class so we can plan our format.


Rakta Flow

This dynamic class cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. The class focus varies with each unique, talented instructor's sequencing and theme.  Expect sun salutations, pranyama, and options for inversions or arm balances.  This class class builds strength, promotes balance and flexibility and provides stress relief.


Rakta Power Flow

A strengthening version of heated vinyasa flow, we get right to business with steady movement and breath.  This class is suitable for all levels looking for a good workout, arm balance and inversions options may be offered.  


Shakti Fire Vinyasa

Shakti Fire is a heated Kundalini infused Vinyasa class meant to IGNITE our Prana, Physical Body and specifically… the Nervous System. This class Flows through Vinyasa, while infusing Strong Breath work, Sacred Movement and Kundalini Kriyas.


Rakta Gentle Yoga Flow and Stretch

Join us for an hour of exploring the body with stretches and flow.  We will begin slowly, building up to a simple flow and end with deep stretching to head you into your day or evening feeling open and restored!


Rakta Recover/Restore Mat and Wall Yoga

This class will incorporate the Yoga Wall to facilitate alignment and supported inversions.  We will have restorative postures to help the body relax.  A great stretch and recovery class to support athletic activities. 

Pregnancy, high blood pressure and increased intraocular pressure are contraindications for this lightly heated class.  


Rakta Sculpt And flow

Our most popular, signature class!  A combination of vinyasa flow yoga, weights, body weight exercises and cardio intervals ignite your metabolism and build lean muscle mass.  This is a challenging all levels class with modifications available for low impact practice. The room is heated between 92-94 F with minimal added humidity.  Bring a towel, water and mat.

Rakta funky flow

Come with an open mind and heart!  This fun class could be a blend of different types of yoga, maybe some use of the wall or a good core work out integrated into a vinyasa flow. Maybe inversions or arm balances, who knows?!  You will never grow bored of this creative class!

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